Scuba Bcd Inflator Hose Connector

As a student of diving, you may have been shown a very specific hose configuration for your regulator setup. The long hose measures in the 36-40 inch range, is routed under your right arm, and has an angle adapter between the hose and the second stage to. For inflator hoses, your BC may already have a velcro strap intended for this purpose, but you can also secure it in place with shock cord; the.

OTG Scuba Diving 1/4" NPT Male to Standard BC Inflator Quick Connector Adapter are used by most compressed air powered tools. – The other end is a standard BC inflator male quick connector (connect to standard BC inflator hose.).

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Shop Scuba Choice Scuba Diving Universal BCD 45-Degree Oral Power Inflator. Nrpfell Scuba Diving…. Universal style will work with almost any brand of BCD with a 1" flex hose; MADE IN USA; International products have separate terms, are sold from. USB C to USB 3.1 Adapter[2 pack], USB C Male to USB Female, Converting USB-C (Thunderbolt 3 Compatible) to USB 3.1/3.0 Support OTG for.

Answering this request is Hollis; dive gear designed for leading divers. Founded in 2008, Hollis. Inflator System w/RE valve 16”. Inflator System w/RE valve 16”. Corrugated Adapter Hose 16”, Air 2 (1” x 1/2” hose). Corrugated Adapter Hose.

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Our range of diving equipment Hoses, for use when upgrading or replacing your diving equipment hoses. We offer a. Miflex XT-Tech Series Kevlar Regulator Hoses 3/8" UNF Fitting. The Miflex. Miflex Xtreme Black LP BCD/Inflator Hoses.

Old style as fitted to Cratos, Megalift, Aquaholic, Seapro early Maximus (up to 2009). Inflator valve. Pictured above. Fits many BCDs as well as the Red Hat models. easy to strip down and service, comes with standard hose bcd fitting. £ 20.50.

Power Inflator Lower Pressure Hose. Add to Compare. undefined. BCD Bladder Flush Hose – Garden Hose Snap Connection. Add to Compare. undefined. Regulator Lower Pressure Hose w/swivel adapter. Add to Compare. undefined.

Finally, an easy, non-messy way to rinse the inside of your BC. Attach one end of the BC Flush to conventional garden hose and the other end to your BCD inflator. Turn on the hose, depress the inflator button, and fill the BC with as much.

Features: Zeagle's Proven Power Inflator Assembly; Bx Coupler; Hooks Up to Standard Garden Hose for Easy Cleaning; Best BCD Preventative Maintenance; Comes Standard on All Zeagle BCs; Power Inflator Will Work with Any Brand BC.

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Scuba Diving Air Inflation Nozzle Quick Connect for Standard BC BCD Inflator Hose Clean Gear ToolUSD 13.69/piece. Aluminum Alloy Scuba Diving Single Tank Adapter with Bolts and Nuts for Scuba Diving BCD BackplateUSD 19.69/ piece.

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Inflator connector to 1/4" NPT Male Adaptor (Convertor, BC). Reference AA04. € 12.95. Tax included. ScubaSupport Droogpakreparatie en servicetools. Add to cart. Product Details. Brand Trident.

Product Description. The BC Flush Hose with Inflator Adapter is another great product to extend the life of your BCD and/or Wing. Finally, an easy, non-messy way to rinse the inside of your BC. Attach one end of the BC Flush to conventional.

The usual inflation system is through a low-pressure hose from the primary breathing gas supply, but a. gas source available if the quick-connector systems for suit and BCD are compatible.

Metalsub BCD Inflator Hose Fitting – Silver.Complete kit of BCD hose fittings, in brass niquel plated. You can mount the tube as you need it, dive.

XTREME diving hose with jacket connector. 238 8255 Email [email protected] · Miflexhose Catalogue. Trade Account Application; Terms & Conds · Contact Us · Search · Miflexhose Catalogue > Miflex Xtreme LP Inflator/ BCD Hoses.

Sidemount diving requires special short hoses for your BCD. 9 inch inflator hoses is the ideal length for most divers. Our rubber low pressure BC inflator hoses are made specifically for scuba diving with chromed brass fittings. Categories:.

1/2″ to 3/8″ Adapter. $14.00. Add to cart Show Details. Dive Rite SPG Hose – Sizes & Prices Vary. $60.00. Add to cart Show Details. Miflex Black BCD Inflator /Hose 100cm | 40″. $111.00. Add to cart Show Details.

Octo-Z. Combination regulator and BC inflator. The high performance design of the Octo-Z's regulator section provides easy comfortable breathing at all Sports- Diving depths. Corrugated hose disconnect (So Octo-Z can easily be stored with regulator.) Corrugated hose. Both QD and corrugated hose fittings rotate ( even under pressure) for easy, comfortable placement of the Octo-Zs body. Ergonomic.