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Minority-owned businesses are growing in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. For example, Latino-owned businesses such as lawn-maintenance companies and retail stores are being started and finding.

He is the former executive editor of the Winston-Salem Journal. Crothers’ adult daughter. There was one foot thick of river muck and pine needles and mulch. It will take weeks or months to clean.”.

When you hear the phrase “sounds of summer” your first reaction might be: lawn mowers, buzzing insects, cheers from Dash baseball games, sprinklers, kids’ laughter at the pool. But, for the seventh.

The first week after I graduated college, I pulled a cushy chair out of my living room onto my lush, shaded front lawn and just laid there in. The hour-long drive from Winston-Salem helps set the.

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They also referred her to other services, such as gutter cleaning and lawn care. “They helped us find some well. Get the latest from Winston-Salem Monthly right in your inbox. Sign up for our.

The storm will affect Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Bermuda Run. Wind gusts are capable of knocking down tree limbs and blowing around trash cans, potted plants, lawn furniture and other light outdoor.

Each year, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 317,000 people nationwide are treated for injuries involving lawn-and-garden tools. Get today’s top stories right in your.

Geese are going to be there.” Ron Morris (no relation), who writes the Birds-Eye View column for the Journal, said that a large expanse of lawn adjacent to a pond or lake is an ideal habitat for.

A weather-worn picket fence surrounds the vegetable garden, and a family of robins searched the lawn outside the fence for bugs. Historic Bethabara Park is one of Winston-Salem’s many treasures,

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It can also be used as a top dressing on container plants or sprinkled on a lawn as a conditioner. It is best to protect the vermicompost from direct sunlight by incorporating it in soil or covering.

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It was on Mother’s Day in 2014, in front of the manor house overlooking the main lawn, that Sean asked Ryan to be his. as they chose to honor Ryan’s southern roots in Winston-Salem by saying their.

The city code, for people who live within the Winston-Salem city limits, gets into more detail, including banning the operation of garage machinery, lawn mowers and other such tools, and front-end.

A Juneteenth luncheon will be held from noon to 1:30 p.m. Thursday in the Gray Auditorium at the Old Salem Visitor Center in Winston-Salem. Those planning to attend are encouraged to bring lawn.

The giant quarry in southeastern Winston-Salem isn’t just a giant pit with water. It’s a tourist attraction waiting to happen, according to city officials. On Tuesday, the general-government committee.

A mulch cover of bermuda hay is used to prevent erosion. If you have a gardening question or story idea, write to Amy Dixon in care of Features, Winston-Salem Journal, P.O. Box 3159, Winston-Salem,

Save for one quickly removed sign, scrawled on an old-school projector screen and placed in front of it — “Winston-Salem please stand with Charlottesville. It’s sort of like that racist lawn jockey.

SUNSET FLICKS: today at the Winston Square Park, music by the Twin City Buskers. Activities begin at 6 p.m. and include food trucks and beverages. The movie will be “The Birds,” beginning at 7 p.m.