Chainsaw Sat Now Starts And Quits

4/8/2017  · My gen tries to start, coughs, sputters and quits so i add denatured alcohol to the gas n let it sit for a bit. It starts and runs fine after. we would clean the carburetor. It probably sat too long with stale gas in it. she maybe 3 years old, starts her up every now and then, try her tonight because of a power outage she starts easy.

Release the cord, and gently pull it until you feel the motor is at full compression. Release the cord, and then pull any slack out of it. NOW you are ready to pull it and start the engine. On a properly tuned engine, it should start on the first, or second pull. Never "jerk" the cord, but gently pull all slack out of it before you give it a.

10/1/2010  · I just had the same problem with mine. I always sat mine on a shelf and had no problems till i started hanging it on the wall from the string head and clogged everything up. Sprayed some carb cleaner in it and it’s working fine now. Now i hang it from the engine

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2/27/2009  · Thanks for the tips guys,my buddy has left to go deer hunting for a couple of weeks so we won’t have a chance to work on the saw. We have lots to look at now ,thanks to the info. given to us here.He has one of my Stihls with him to use if need be. I’ll be going to hunt with him a few days this week so I’ll take any new info. to talk over in the evenings.

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11/4/2011  · I hooked up a switch and called it quits on it as I had other things to do. Now to get the saw to fire. Tomorrow I will give it a shot of prime and see if I can make some 2 stroke smoke. I don’t know how many years the saw has sat so I will find out whether I need a carb kit next. Hope not. this redneck hates to spend money on anything.

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My chain saw runs a little bit (10 mins) and then starts choking down until it finally quits. I replaced the gas in the tank.let it sit for about 2 hours and cranked it up. It ran well for about 10 mins and then choked down again. It seems the problem is in the fuel system. Is there anything you can recommend me to.

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8/19/2010  · chainsaw conking out and not restarting for another 20 minutes of pulling. The Sears Craftsman 358351 chain saw is now about a year old, and I’ve got only about 3 or 4 hours on it (a few tanks of gas and bar oil) but it now won’t even start anymore except when left overnight. The thinner fuel line starts at the filter in the gas tank and.

It has a 12.5hp B&S engine on it. I had to change the coil right away due to chipmunk damage. Now that it starts, it runs good, but the choke has to be left on and when I shut it off, it floods. If you try to keep starting it, the plug gets soaked and gas will seep out of the carburetor.

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Mac 16" chainsaw. no spark. saw sat for three Mac 16" chainsaw. no spark. saw sat for three years. would only – McCulloch 16 Inch Gas Chain Saw question

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2/4/2011  · Chain saw has heavy smoke coming out of exhaust. also stalls frequently before getting warmed up. – Answered by a verified Technician

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Curing 2-cycle Engine Problems: Many 2-cycle engines have problems and are sent to the junk yard before their time. Typical problems include hard starting, rough running, a need to adjust the carburetor during use to keep the engine from stalling, a need to rev the engine to ke.

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Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! I have a Craftsman mower that I purchased in July 2012 and at about 1 year old it started stalling after about 5 minutes run time. It won’t restart unless I wait about 2 minutes. Then it runs for 5 mins again, chugs a bit, then and dies. I have performed a tune up (oil, plug, air filter, stable) replaced the gas with brand new fuel.

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Expecting me to return from downriver with milled lumber, she deduced that I hadn’t been able to get my chainsaw mill operating. sticky clutch and repair a broken starter rope. Now it refused to.

1/9/2014  · Chainsaw cuts out under load. Posted By Apprentice_GM, Dec 14, 2013 at 8:45. / good, no blockage. The air filter also looks fine, it’s original, but pretty clean. I figure spark is fine as it starts OK and can idle for ages no problem and can even rev up for a very short time (a few seconds). he pointed to where the saw sat for a week in.

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12/10/2018  · When your Husqvarna chain saw won’t start, you may immediately assume that there’s a problem with the spark plug. While that may be true, the problem may.

This was my first STIHL chainsaw and it still runs like it just came out of the dealer. ijust baught a STIHL ms660 Magnum last week. keep them clean and they will run forever. I am a senior in high school and i have been runing chainsaws for 12 years. STIHL makes the.

When 2 stroke engine troubleshooting and the engine is flooded, you want to spin the engine over fast with the throttle wide open several times. You should start to hear it pop, just keep pulling or kicking and holding it wide open until it starts, then rev the engine a bit to.

Ratings On Worx Electric Chainsaws say that an electric chainsaw’s combination of value, power and quietness is well worth that inconvenience. Both professional tests and user reviews describe this chainsaw as fast, lightweight, and. Consumer Reports’ latest ratings find that some chain saws are. For cutting up branches just once or twice a year, electric chain saws are convenient. Consumer
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8/30/2013  · Engine Starts with starter fluid, but won’t stay running. and the oil (and filter if it has one), and since we don’t run engines outside of their maintenance schedule now is a good time to bring the maintenance up to date. if that doesn’t work look into rebuilding or replacing the carb and she oughta run good after that. if it’s sat for.

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